Sai Extrumech Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year  2007 by Mr. Vivek Mehta, who is the director, SEPL has become one of the leading manufacturers of extrusion machines for wire and cable, Medical Tubing Lines, etc.

Sai Extrumech Pvt. Ltd. has earned an excellent reputation for the best quality machines, with the best performance. The key to our success comes from innovative design our customers place complete trust in us. Sai Extrumech Pvt. Ltd. operating in Faridabad, India, Specializes in Lab Extruder for:-

  1. Blown Film
  2. Sheet Extrusion
  3. Tube Extrusion
  4. Wire Extrusion (PLA Wire )
  5. Cable Extrusion
  6. Injection Molding
  7. Palletizing Extruder

Sai Extrumech Pvt. Ltd.’s precision, professional expertise, and innovative power meet perfectly the requirements of our customers worldwide. Material Manufacturers, Compounders, Film  Producers, Medical, Pharmaceutical, and industrial companies, universities, Laboratories, and science institute all count on us.

SEPL’s Lab Extruder is a compact one, designed as a laboratory extruder for laboratory use in educational institutes and test series in research & Development, the compact system is a cost-effective alternative to the professional series of extruders

The extruder is mounted on a mobile electrical cabinet containing the power electronics, connections, and the main switch. The Sai Lab Extruders cab be used primarily for polyolefins and some engineering polymers (without abrasive, corrosive fillers).


  1. Especially manufactured screw and barrel to guarantee quality
  2. International brand variable speed control motor to precisely control the screw rotating speed
  3. SIEMENS touching screen PLC control system, highly intelligent, easy to operate.
  4. Equipped with magnetic powder clutch to achieve constant tension winding
  5. Emergency stop device and other safety devices to ensure the safety of the operator
  6. Double protection of machinery and electrical appliances.
  7. Significant alternative in laboratory and test operation.
  8. Different sizes for diverse requirements.
  9. Different sizes for diverse requirements
  10. Various successions – depending on the requirement – are possible
  11. Easy handling due to compact design.


  • Sai Extrumech Pvt. Ltd. has an experienced team  who can help you with all the in depth knowledge about the customer queries. The team is dedicated and always available there to support its customers. We also provide training of workers of our clients and help them produce a fine quality of products complementing our fine quality machine.
  • With more than 27 year of experience, our team has developed various trade secretes that help us stay ahead in producing, complex yet very simple  to operate machines.

Factory Setup:

      • Our Company has a variety of technically advanced machines with a combination of traditional machines. with detailed profile cutting wire cut EDM and inhouse developed CNC machines, Sai Extrumech Pvt. Ltd. produces excellent dies matched to specifications.
      • The Factory is a workforce setup to produce a variety of machines, including those designed with combinations of client’s as well as our minds. 

Quality Control:

  • Sai Exturmech Pvt. Ltd. follows strict international standards to manufacture machines and related accessories. 
  • We use renowned brands in our panels and equipment to ensure perfect production for a very long time and which require less to no maintenance.
  • Our machined components are checked at various levels to ensure they meet required specifications.
  • Maximum orders that we receive are from our previous clients. who appreciate our products  for excellent quality and reliability, and always prefer us when expanding.